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AAC develops the Limsophy-technology for a lean management of quality systems.


A relaxed atmosphere prior to an audit is becoming normality

Limsophy BPM, an industry-neutral Business Process Management software, reduces the maintenance time for your quality manual dramatically. Therefore employees are motivated to administer their processes as soon as changes occur and not shortly before the next audit.


Simple and easy quality management with the right tool

Limsophy BPM makes sure flow charts, process documents and quality manuals are consistent as generated from a database. Limsophy BPM also supports further quality management tasks, such as objective-, audit-, HR- and risk management as well as the continuous improvement process.


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Strong Limsophy BPM presence

Come autumn, Limsophy BPM is present at two different trade fairs at the same time: Swiss Medtech Expo & Curaviva Ageing Conference 2017.

September 19 and 20, 2017, the Swiss medtech industry will meet at the Swiss Medtech Expo in the Lucerne (Messe Luzern). At the same time, the retirement and nursing home sector will gather in Montreux for the 7th Curaviva Ageing Congress.

At the Swiss Medtech Expo, you learn more about our quality management software Limsophy BPM. Limsophy BPM supports organizations which work according to ISO 13485:2016 in meeting the corresponding requirements and determining the effectiveness of their management systems.

At the Curaviva Ageing Congress, you get to know our new QM approach - a Curaviva-compliant, prefilled QM system.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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